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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

oh fudge it

I am going to bed.

The "oh, i wish i were an oscar mayer wiener, that is what i truly wish to be" text message was clearly not taken as I had intended. The song was stuck in my head, I thought it would be funny. Apparently, not.

Instead of obsessing over the 43 minutes that have passed since I sent it at 11:07, and wondering why on earth it doesn't even deserve a response like "Um, I have to go to bed, you're weird, let's never talk again." Instead nothing. Except hurt pride. and TV sounded so good tonight.

I guess the episodes of Law & Order that I downloaded on iTunes will have to do one more night. Even if I've already seen them all. Twice.

For the sake of the pride that I can't seem to shut up about, I probably shouldn't admit that I turned the ringer on my phone up. Just in case. I doubt I would even pick up at this point or respond to a message. I just want the satisfaction of knowing that I got to end the conversation.


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