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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

and i quote

"Who the hell doesn't like oral?"

My friend asked me this question after she read an earlier post. Frankly, I can't answer that question. Apparently there are some girls out there who don't like it, but to each her own. I think it's probably mostly a comfort thing. A lot of girls are really weirded out by their vaginas and the last thing they want is some guys face getting up close and personal with it. Honestly, most guys after the age of 17 know what they're getting into, and I can't imagine that it's anymore trying to put your mouth on a vagina than on a penis.

Regardless, from what I've gathered from one friend is that there is just a general insecurity about it. I think it's in the same vein that girls don't (or say that they don't) masturbate. On the whole it's just less accepted and less acknowledged, even though no one really thinks it's weird. Maybe I should thank my eighth grade sex education teacher for asserting: "Why shouldn't everyone do it? Doesn't matter what you've got, it feels good." After a semester of that being reinforced on my impressionable young mind, it never seemed like such a huge deal. Ms. Allen also hinted to us that if a guy or girl is afraid of the opposite sex's genitalia, they're probably gay.


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