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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

and i quote... again

"your tongue was quite fun"

What a facebook message to receive. That was how Chuck ended a message to me. I'm flattered. And stoned.

I went to a concert with Courtney tonight. I saw two bands and had to leave before the third one. It was far too overwhelming in that club from me. Not only was I surrounded by people who were constantly trampling on my person space boundaries, but I also so my high school Latin teacher. Yes, you read that right, my high school Latin teacher. I used to have the biggest crush on this man, who is incidently an alum of my college, and just completely fawn over him. Once he called me a "Latiness" and I swear I almost passed out. Now tonight, I see him drinking a beer in a dingy basement club. Not only was I completely disillusioned, but since I was stoned out of my mind, I couldn't even comprehend what was happening. I think I scared him when I tried to act normal. Social interaction was not coming easily to me.

Anyway, I am about to respond to that message, which was a lot longer than the excerpt that I posted. There's a poem and it looks good, so I am about to have a nice long read. And then sleep. Oh yeah, and eat that Portobello and Goat Cheese sandwich on a soft roll from Au Bon Pain. And that bag of bugels. And the bag of pretzels.


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