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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Okay, so I went out. It's now 5:10 in the morning and I've just arrived back to my humble abode. You didn't really think that I would let a Friday night slip by without doing anything, now would I?

I am really angry at Courtney. Actually, really, really angry. This is what she had to say to leaving me waiting for over two hours:

"probably but we both know im a bad person. im going to sleep. not fighting over this. inevitably losing over this. you can bitch at me tomorrow. but my phone dying and not calling you and going to sleep is not so horrible"

That was it. Not even sorry. I had actually been kind of happy about the way my night turned out before I got back. I honestly need to evaluate my friendship with her because it is seriously becoming very one-sided. In the last twenty-four hours she has elbowed me in the face and then completely ditched me tonight. Then she claims that she didn't call earlier because I would have been "antagonistic." Yes, I would have become hostile if she broke off plans fifteen minutes before we were supposed to leave, but a hell of a lot less hostile than I am now. I should get trashed and punch her in the face. It's her excuse for elbowing me yesterday.

Fuck that.

Anyway, about my night. I went to the party that I had been planning on going to, but I guess I missed it when it was at it's peak. My Eastern European man came to my rescue and brought me in, so I didn't have to show up alone afterall. My dress got a *very* positive reaction, and I have to say, I am pretty pleased with my outfit. I actually got a stairwell full of boys sitting there trying to think of words to describe the dress. The final verdict was "Dammmmmmmmn!" They were drunk. I was drunk. The objectification was not protested.

I flirted with many-a-young men, but I had just missed Italia. Instead I played nice with my Eastern European man, a boy who I had begun talking to at the end of the summer, and a few others. I wound up walking over to my Eastern European man's apartment, which was pretty nice. I hadn't been there before and I can't say that I wasn't impressed.

My Eastern European was being quite the gentleman and told me that he's always meant everything he's said to me, in particular the drunk love confessions. He was sober, which made his late-night alcohol induced proposals a lot more heartfelt. Sort of. It was funny to see him say a lot of those things in person. I was pretty flattered, which is probably why I wound up walking hand-in-hand with him to his apartment. He had his arm around my waist most of the night and I kept expecting him to kiss me when we were alone, especially when we were standing outside of the club and then again outside of his apartment. I also wasn't expecting his friend to be visiting from NYU, so when we got upstairs there wasn't even a mood to kill. We were all just hanging out.

Tonight was a lot of fun, but I kind of wanted to kiss my Eastern European tonight. I think it is because I was (for the first time in history) more drunk than he was, and he was just being so sweet. Add that to the fact that I am a little insecure and upset about Nik not texting me back, being angry about Courtney, being drunk, and not wanting to come back to an empty room and you've got all the ingredients for a completely regrettable hook up with a friend that you never meant to hook up with. I am really glad nothing happened, but he just looked so cute in his tux tonight.

Chuck sent me another poem that I really loved. I just emailed him back, and if he's up, I hope he calls or emails me back. I could use some company. Especially company that is too far away with to make out with. I need to settle down for a few days (or weeks, rather), and just figure some stuff out. Tomorrow is Saturday night, so we'll see how well I stick to that.


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