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Friday, November 10, 2006

How Fantastik.

I definitely knocked over that hot pot full of soup about two and a half minutes after that last post. At least Val won't be subject to two day old soup that looks like it might grow legs and crawl when she gets back. Bottle of Fantastik in hand and still clad only in my underpants, I cleaned it all up. It would have been much better if I had cleaned it before I knocked it over, but that's just a little thing called "karma."

You know what? That isn't what karma means at all. But it sounded good, didn't it?

Anyway, I texted Nik when I got up this morning, "apologizing" for keeping him up late and thanking him (sincerely!) for his help putting Courtney and Eric to bed. He replied really quickly - literally a minute or two later - saying that he didn't wind up getting up for his 9:30am work shift anyway and asking what I was doing today. That's good right? I texted him back saying that I didn't know what I was doing today, but I really wanted to be outside. He hasn't responded yet, but for some reason I'm not doing my usual "freak out because more than six minutes have passed and he still hasn't replied to my text." I feel like he probably has a reason.

Could it be that I actually like this boy? Could it be that I really only got a kiss on the lips when I was drunk and still went to bed more sexually satisfied then ever before? Okay, by "sexually satisfied" I mean not. But I was giddy as a girlscout and I didn't care at all.

HE SAID HE LIKED ME. Okay, I'm back to the hyperventilating.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude he likes you and asked what you were doing first.
this is so freakin exciting!

2:01 PM


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