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Thursday, November 09, 2006

i tried

To pay attention. It didn't work. My mind is still not on religion. In fact it's pretty much in the gutter right now. It's not my fault though, the boy in front of me is pretty cute. He was the one who walked me home on Halloween night. I bet he looks good without a shirt on. Yes, I am sitting here imagining him without his Italia hoodie and stripped polo. Yes, I am a little turned on.

I mentioned him in a post on Tuesday when I was sitting next to him. After much consideration, I've decided that he gets a name, especially since he Facebook friended me yesterday. We'll call him Italia after his hoodie. And his all around Italian-American-ness. He is the person in the room I would most like to make out with right now. Mostly because I know he must have a great chest. And arms. And I bet he'd be good and forceful. Not violent forceful (I'm not into that, but if you are more power to you. Or less... Jesus, how did I end up on this tangent?), but that kind of "I want you so bad, I can't control myself" kind of forceful.

. . .and suddenly I need a cold shower.


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