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Thursday, November 09, 2006


So last night I got stoned and saw my high school Latin teacher. I'm sorry, I'm still not over it, I needed to recap it for myself.
I also got that very interesting message from Chuck, which made me smile.

The sexy 28 year old Chilean man didn't come into the coffee shop today. This is the first Thursday he hasn't come by in about a month. He usually comes on Thursdays and Fridays and we chat. The shop is closed tomorrow, so I guess we'll have to wait until next week. I've promised him some hot chocolate via a facebook message (I told you I was a stalker). I was surprised and quite delighted when he actually messaged me back and friended me. If you want to know the extent of my stalking skillz, I'll tell you this much: I knew the first three letters of his name and that he was a Graduate student. It turns out that he's actually working on his third degree and first graduated grad school in '05. I thought he was 23 or 24, but no, he's 28 years old... going on 29. Maybe I shouldn't have let him see my facebook profile, which clearly annouces that I am NINETEEN. Not illegal, but definitely not socially Kosher. Whatever, I'd still like to see where it goes. I'll just put it out there - I totally want to make out with him.

I'm sitting in Sociology class and everyone is asking asinine questions and trying to look smart. I kind of what to punch them all in the face. Unfortunately, that isn't socially Kosher either. It's not that I think I am smarter than everyone in the class, I just can't stand when people feign interest and pull questions out of their ass to try and impress a professor who doesn't even know their name. If you have something smart to say, go ahead, say it but if you don't, fuck you, shut the hell up. I used an excessive amount of commas in that last sentence, but I tend to over punctuate when I'm upset. Apparently there is a book we were supposed to read for class. Apparently.

I have adamently refused to get a new ID card to replace the one I lost last Saturday. It will be my third card this semester and is going to cost $40, which is absolutely ridiculous. Then again, so is standing in the rain for ten minutes waiting for someone to let me into my dorm. If I can hold out until February then I'll save twenty dollars in exchange for my dignity. It's my own fault, I really need to stop losing things.

Jesus Christos, we're talking about religion. I wish I could be religious. I used to be Catholic and I guess I still am. Sort of. I don't go to Church, I dropped out of CCD before my Confirmation, and the last time I confessed I was still being walked home from school. But I'm a virgin, so HA, Jesus still loves me! I feel kind of dirty writing about making out with a guy ten years older than me while being asked to considered how I envision God and how that affects my sociological view of religion.

Deep... A little too deep if you ask me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude running into authority figures is hard enough
but running into ex-teachers? that shit is a whole other level of crazy especially if you are in a different non-school setting and they are consuming substances.
i had a friend who ran into their ceramics teacher at a party and the teacher was smoking a blunt. why hello mr. ceramics teacher. puff puff pass, sir.

2:44 PM


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