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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Oh la la.

Italia waited for me after class. This is the second time we've walked back from class together. It's probably the most innocent beginning to a (hopefully) non-platonic relationship (I used that word loosely) that I've had in awhile. Possibly ever. Too bad I had to defile it by picturing him half-naked. Again. It doesn't take a penis to objectify someone.

We don't have class tomorrow. Apparently there is a "holiday" on Saturday. I am guessing it's one of the fake holidays like "Presidents' day" or "Veterans' day" or "Christmas." Tonight there is a celebration in my dorm for its 75th anniversary. This means free champagne. That means I will be drunk. I hope you can figure out where I am going with that train of thought.
I'm really glad we have this little shindig tonight because I am most certainly out of alcohol, which is never a good way to start a weekend.

I have to go mentor (yes, I mentor; no, I am not completely shallow) in an hour. 32 minutes actually (where the hell does time go?). I'm glad I'm going to be doing something constructive and positive with my day. It will make me feel less guilty about anything that happens tonight - I've already done my good deed for the day, thank you very much.

*For the record, a shot of rum has about 96 calories in it anyway, so it's only about a 30-50 calorie difference depending on the beer. If you're not using a diet mixer/chaser you're probably downing more drinking the hard liquor anyway. Just a little FYI in case anyone was wondering or cared.


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