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Friday, November 10, 2006

what to do

When there is nothing to do.

No classes. No work. No schedule. Consequently I have been sitting at my computer for way too long today, pondering some of the great questions in life. Some questions that have arose include:

Dominating or being dominated in the bedroom, which do guys and girls prefer?

French fries or tater tots, which is the better processed potato product?

Was it wrong that I threw the bag full of the paper towls I cleaned the soup up with into the hallway causing the hallway to smell like condensed cream of mushroom soup, but saving my own room from smelling like it?

Should I have told Court about Nik and talking to Chuck last night? (Probably not).

Is global warming really THAT bad, I mean it's so nice outside?

Does a devotion to Jesus make a guy sexiar?

How much would it hurt to pierce your nipple? Maybe I'm a whimp, but even my ears hurt a lot. Why would you peirce your nipple?

Should I have sent that last text to Nik saying "that was a warm hello in the dining hall"?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude. a guy is like 1000x hotter with Jesus in his heart.
i actually just found Jesus...
he was behind the sofa this whole time!

7:02 PM


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