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Sunday, November 12, 2006

an IHOP affair.

For breakfast, brunch actually, I had blueberry pancakes, sliced hashbrowns, and scrambled egg whites. Doesn't that seem like something straight off of an IHOP menu?

As classy of a lady as I am, the point of this post isn't about my Sunday brunch. It's about the fact that Nik was there. We talked. I sat next to him. I am gettting past the nervous awkward thing. It is so strange, after the events of Thursday night transpired, everything changed. Things got weird. We went from being friends who would talk about everything and anything, to being friends who kind of awkwardly said hi. Things are much better now, three days later, and I hope that something happens rather soon or we go back to being friends. I can't stand this awkward in between.

Brunch was good though, we got to make fun of Austin and chat about last night and our agendas for today. I sat next to him, abandoning my seat at the table with Courtney, Kristen, my house masters and their son - who is very cute by the way. I told Nik I would be spending the day studying in the reading room of our house library, and I kind of hope he stops by. I also kind of don't. Le sigh.


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