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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

If I only had the nerve.

I really want to go with Nik to our fast-approaching winter house formal.

I don't want to ask him. I don't want to go by myself and hope he is there.

I just want him to ask me. Is that really so much to ask? I don't care if it's 2006, and women should have no problems taking the initiative, no one male or female wants to be the one who risks being rejected.

I think he is going to take the Ex, since it would be convenient. They have a ton of mutual friends, it wouldn't be awkward, and it would take the pressure off needing to find a date. She doesn't live in our dorm, but my guess would be that he would also attend her dorm's winter formal with her. I have no idea if they're actually planning on doing this, but it makes sense. They all went to the freshman formal together last year, so why not again this year?

It's exactly two weeks from tomorrow, and I'd like to know whether or not he has a date fairly soon. If I knew for certain that he had no intention of going with her than I would probably come up with a complicated-kind-of-kooky-I-love-Lucy-esque pla that would probably invovle a lot of text messaging and third parties, so that I could inadvertanly ask him to ask me. Yes, I know, I have the emotional maturity of a sixth grader. And yes, I also know that it would probably be easier just to ask him, but obviously I am not going to do that.

Regardless of the date situation, I really want to go to the formal anyway, since I love getting dressed up, but I am not going to buy a ticket for one, and I don't think any of my female friends in my dorm are planning on going (unless of course someone asks them). Le sigh.


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