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Friday, December 01, 2006

why do you torment me?

Tomorrow is the LSAT, which means there are no parties allowed on campus tonight. Roughly translated, there are no big parties that will offer aa chance run in with Nik in mutual states of intoxication.

Ah! Maybe I'll find someone else to keep me busy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to say your posts basically say what I am thinking and as a female... putting feelings and the bs we go through in our heads is not that easy. Just wanted to say I will be posting my thoughts on handjobs in the near future. hope all is well and you get some action from Nik this weekend! btw chuck sounds like my ex bf which is a good/bad thing. like my ambiguity with my post? lol. Have a great weekend. I can't believe I just lol'd at myself.

8:16 PM


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