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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Okay, so I was going to ask Nik to the formal, but I have decided against that. Instead I'm going to go in a group with Taylor, Austin, and a guy I have affectionately dubbed, "The Model." I'm guessing since it's turned into a group situation that Nik will just come along with Austin.

The Model and I aren't exactly "friends," but we talk when we run into each other, and he seems pretty harmless. He's extremely handsome, but for some reason I am just not attracted to him. Despite having the best bone structure I've ever seen in my life, clear blue eyes, and a mop of dark hair, he for some reason just doesn't do it for me. He's a transfer student and has only been here for a year, but it seems like a lot of people think he's kind of a jerk. He's definitely a little vain, but I wouldn't call him a jerk.

Anyway, the formal is the day after tomorrow, and then I have another one on Friday. I'm pretty excited for Thursday, and hopefully I'll finally figure out if I want to wait for Nik, or if I should just move on. I think I got really frustrated with him and that's why I wound up kissing more than a few boys on that fateful night.

Oh, and speaking of that fateful night, I saw the Grizzly in the dining hall last night. I was so exhausted and probably loked like I had just been hit by a truck. Always faithful to the naked rule, I pretended I didn't see him. I don't feel awkward around him or anything, that's not the issue, I just didn't want someone who has seen me naked, see me look like Whitney Houston after a crack binge.

I'm in the class that Italia is in, and he's not here for like the second week straight. I kind of miss him. And my shoes.


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