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Sunday, December 10, 2006

partner in crime

I have discovered a fabulous new partner in crime. Taylor is a good friend of one of my best friends, Tobi. Taylor is another Ivy League virgin, and we just recently discovered that we are practically the same person.

We just hatched plan "Winter Formal," which will commence later tonight. Basically, we're hoping to go to the formal as a "group," she with Austin and me with Nik. I explained to her the entire Nik situation, and she agrees that he is frustratingly slow and ambiguous, and that his Ex situation is a little suspicious - especially now that it's been confirmed that they are planning a trip to Iceland together... who plans a platonic trip to Iceland with their ex-girlfriend?

So the plan is tonight when there's a house study break, we're going to ask Austin if he wants to come with us as a group. Then he'll bring Nik. Then we'll get them drunk and have our way with them. Genius, pure genius.

Now I don't have to ask Nik, and I get to wear my new dress. Life is wonderful.


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