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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A clever ploy?

So yesterday I watched some TV with one of Nik's extended roommates. They live one floor down from each other and are really close friends. At first this seemed innocent enough, the invitation itself was sparked by a dinner time conversation that I didn't realize would turn into actual time spent hanging out.

Anyway, Nik's roommate, whom we'll call "Cheeks" because he has these adorable cheeks, called me on Friday and asked if I wanted to come over. I was working at the cafe and he stopped by to wait until my shift was over. Once it was done, we headed back to his room and as soon as we got there he called Nik. He called him two or three times and then he finally got frustrated and said "what the fuck is he doing?" as if he was expecting Nik to be around waiting for him. While he was calling Nik, Cheek's also mentioned that he "might have to leave early," but we could hang out there until he got back - which pretty much was a dead give away.

We settled onto the couch and started watching, and I asked for a blanket - on cold days, I love watching TV when I'm all curled up and warpped in a blanket. I stretched out a little bit and kind of tossed my legs over Cheeks. This wouldn't have been so weird, but a few minutes later I realized that he was stroking my leg. Not in an overtly sketchy way - his hand remained above the blanke - but definitely in an "I'm obviously stroking your leg" kind of way, that made me wonder if he was doing it just because of the way we were sitting or because he wanted to stroke my leg.

I didn't have to wait too long to figure it out, because eventually he did put his hand under the blanket and was then stroking my leg in an "I am definitely stroking your leg and you're either going to let me or punch me, but I'm willing to take my chances" kind of way.

I didn't stop him, but I probably should have.

I'm not sure if he invited me over so that I could hang out with Nik, especially since Austin said that I should hang out with their friends more in order to hang out with Nik and take things "slowly." I don't know if Nik's other friends have since gotten in on some sort of clever ploy to get us to hang out, which was my first thought when Cheek's called him as soon as we got to the room (and no, he didn't bother trying to call any of our other mutual friends), or if he wanted to hang out, or if he wanted to hang out and [*shudder*] cuddle.

There were a few mixed messages sent yesterday. I'm still trying to figure them out. Only I'm worried that the leg stroking might be passed on to Nik, whether it was a plan to get us to hang out or not. I don't know, I don't know.

And then hanging out with Mr. Perfect later that night was just baffling. It's nice to just hang out with him, but I don't know what it means or what message it sends when I do hang out with him. We hung out for abour four hours, just watching TV and stuff, lying in his bed and on their couch. He's made his friends play nice with me, and I'm kind of surprised they actually listened.

I just want Nik to ask me to the formal (Yes, I did buy a new dress today. Yes, yes it does look good, and obviously I want Nik to see it). The formal less than a week away and my window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller.


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