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Thursday, December 14, 2006

What's going on?

So the situation for the formal has gotten a little confusing. Taylor doesn't know if she's going "with" Austin, the whole "group" idea has kind of fallen apart, no one knows what the Model is doing, but we're all kind of hoping he's not coming alongl. I think I am going to give my extra ticket to a friend, especially since Taylor (Austin by proxy), and Nik will arriving be a half an hour to an hour late.

I need to find someone to pick me up some vodka, and I need to make sure that Nik is at least as tipsy as I plan on being. I'm not going to get trashed, I've got a long weekend. Two formals, the one tomorrow and then another Friday, another party on Friday, and then a date dinner at my favorite gentleman's club on Saturday.

At least I'll finally get to wear all of the dresses I've been buying. I'll have to be really good at the dinner on Saturday, I don't want anyone bringing up what happened the other weekend... that could just be embrassing. I'm going with Martin, who is pretty much one of my favorite people on campus these days. I know the dinner will be fun, I really just don't need anyone knowing about things that might have happened with certain members.

If everything going half as well as I hope it will tomorrow, I should have something exciting to post...


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