One girl. One college. Three thousand guys. This blog is a blow-by-blow [yes, that was a dirty pun] account of the social (and usually sexual) misadventures of a commitment-phobic and ironically promiscuous virgin.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Well it's been another one of those weekends when I let go of all my built up frustration and go on a binge. Yes, a binge. The damage? Three boys kissed, two of whom I went a little further with.

One of course was my eastern European, whom I am beginning to love and hate more than ever. The other two were entirely new, Linx and another Brit, if I don't already have a Brit mentioned.

Two nights. Three boys.

Oh boy.

I need to give my blog a real update soon, I've got a few good stories built up, and they'll get stale if I don't post them soon.


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