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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Two Too Selfish.

I hooked up with Italia last night. Unfortunately it turns out we were both only after one thing. A good hookup is hard to find, so I thought I was lucking out with a little commitment-free fun. My plan was to get off, one way or another, and then go to sleep. I wasn't really interested in what his plans were.

Too bad they were the same as mine. It was funny because we both told each other in a very straight forward manner. In the end, we both begrudgingly help each other out, but it ended with him finishing himself off by hand, as I fell asleep.

Yeah, awkward.

What little attention I did get was good, which only made me more frustrated. The one nice thing was that it was kind of positioned as something that could be mutually beneficial in the future (so long as we both actually held up our end of the bargin).

It would be nice to have a booty call just a text message away. Hmmmm.

He seems like he wouldn't tell anyone, which is what I was really worried about after the first time we hooked up.


The artist called. I need to call him back. We might be seeing each other, either here or in New York. I'm calling in a little bit to work out when and if anything is going to happen soon. That's a pretty big investment...


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