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Monday, November 20, 2006

dashed expectations

Well this weekend officially went from being "the greatest weekend of the year" to "I lied around in bed all weekend because it really was THAT miserable."

So even though it was a weekend full of parties, and a weekend full of students from other schools, it still wound up being a terrible weekend. At least Friday night was bad, and I decided not to take my chances on Saturday.

Friday I went out with Courtney, we started pregaming in her room since alcohol restrictions were supposed to be really strict all over campus. She had already started drinking before I got there, and I had no idea what or how much she had to drink. I had my Bicardi and diet coke, as per usual, and then Eric came over and began to help me down the bottle (it was the small just over liter sized bottles).

Court has a drink from it, I had walked out of the room to see a party outside for a few minutes, but I told her not to drink. I began getting on her case about it, which of course pissed her off since she was drunk. Then Eric started being an asshole about it and I started to tell him not to drink in an effort to get her to stop drinking.

This tactic worked for all of no minutes, as he just got really annoyed that I told him he should stop drinking since he had a 7:30 swim workout in the morning. Really, I know for the most part he can control himself. He almost always winds up getting up in the morning and taking care of all of his responsibilities, I just wanted him to get the message to Courtney who had already pinned me as the "bad guy."

Finally we left, once the rum way gone of course, I was tipsy, but definitely not drunk. They wanted to go to the party they knew they could drink more at and I tried to drag them to another drier party for the sake of sobering up. Of course they didn't want to listen to me, and I would up getting into an argument with Eric as I was trying to explain to him why I wanted to stay there. He kept on saying "whatever, she's fine, whatever."

So I slapped him. Maybe I was a little more than tipsy, but even if I had been sober he would have deserved it. Depsite the fact that he might have deserved the slap, it did little to make the night any better. It made things a whole lot worse. He got angry at me and when we left the first party and headed to the second he was being such a jerk that I decided fine, he could take care of her all night, after all, he said he would.

So I left the two of them in the courtyard in front of the party they had wanted to get to so badly. I was in there for an hour flirting with a guy who happened to be hooking up with this almost cute, but really not girl, which was fun and actually kind of hilarious. I might post about it later, only because it was funny, not exciting in the least though.

I kept trying to call Court from different phone numbers because I really wanted to make sure she was okay, and I was afraid that she would be pissed from earlier and screen my calls. She is a testy drunk, but I really did just want to check in. She wasn't picking up and I was a little worried, but figured she was just having a gay ol' time with Eric, when I got a call from him. She was taken to the Hospital.

It turns out that she had a BAC of .385 - the average person is completely billgerent and incoherent at .2, and .1 is the legal driving limit in most states though it's trying to be lowered to .08-.09 in most states. Yes, she was almost four times higher than the legal limit. The hospital said that she was fortunate not to have gone into a coma, and that it was lucky she got there early enough for them to treat her.

I yelled at Eric that night for over an hour. I was crying and yelling, and yelling and crying. It's not so much that I blame him for her actions, but I just wanted him to see what made him contribute to what had happened. He actually thought it was okay for her to drink straight from a handle, which she apparently chugged.

I got back to my room at close to four and I was beat. The next day I didn't really feel like drinking, and I just slept. That night I was still kind of bummed out and just spent some time with Court, and then sat around watching Scrubs online. It could have been a great weekend - Epic even - but it wasn't.

Le Sigh.


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