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Friday, November 17, 2006

no is the new yes

I might as well have lost my virginity last night, because my midterm sure as hell fucked me this morning.

I went to a "Goodbye Rummy!" party in honor of Rumsfeld's resignation. It probably would have been a great party, if that midterm wasn't nagging me. It was probably good that I left though, because if I had stayed and gotten drunk, there is the distinct possibility that I would have tried to hook up with this guy Courtney has a "thing" for. I didn't leave *because* of that, but It was probably the biggest perk to leaving. Aside from getting sleep.

Bea came out of the blue today. I seriously just need her here. Maybe if she were here, I would have life figured out and I wouldn't need to literally try and spell everything out on a blog. Anyway, she does not approve of Nik. Everyone else does, but she says that he just isn't... right. She thinks Austin is great though, as does everyone else, and that he is cuter. Yes, Austin is a tall, dashing guy with a great accent, but I don't know. I just like Nik. Dammit.

Tonight my plan is pretty much to get drunk and molest him. I'm sick of waiting around for potentially nothing. I'd rather just see what happens and at least know what's going on than this ambiguous "lets-hang-out-but-not-make-plans-so-just-see-each-other-in-passing-and-then-hopefully-talk-but-definitely-not-make-out" thing. WHAT THE HELL, isn't he bored of talking yet? I sure am.

Nik went to a movie tonight. He did not ask me if I would like to attend with he and his friends. I am beginning to think I'm over this. Maybe I'll make out with Austin just to spite him. If I didn't like Austin so much as a friend, I would totally be all over him tonight. Obviously I would get him good and drunk so that he wouldn't object. No is the new yes - at least if you're a young gentleman that I am looking to go home with.

My midterm was horrendous, in case you were wondering, and had missed the first line of this post.


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